About Me

Hi! My name is Lyndsay and I’m the owner of Sewing Wild Seams. I’m so happy that you’re here and hope you find exactly what you’re looking for! 

A little about me. I grew up in a small village, close to Lough Derg in Co. Tipperary. As a child, I always loved to craft. I loved art and was never happier than when using my natural creativity to design and make things by hand. It wasn’t until much later that I saw the potential in my passion. 

After living in Dublin for a number of years, I returned to my hometown to raise a family. Seven years and three beautiful children later, I began to look to my future and think more deeply about what I wanted to do with my life.

I started teaching myself how to sew, using online tutorials to alter my own clothes. The more I sewed, the more confident in my abilities I grew. It felt natural and ignited a passion in me that I had known was there all along, so I took the opportunity to turn this passion into what has since become a dream career. Sewing Wild Seams was born late in 2019, and has been growing steadily since. 

Seeing people's reactions to what I was creating and hearing how they felt when they wore what I had made was and still is an indescribable feeling. Not only do I love to create, turning something in my imagination into a reality, but I wanted to create something I felt the world needed more of. 

I believe that fashion can and should be sustainable, inclusive and affordable. It should make you feel good in your body, and proud to have made an eco-conscious choice. Everyday my customers and I are proving that it can be done. And I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me as Sewing Wild Seams grows, thanks to you.